1980: Born in Oita, Japan. Based in Osaka, Japan. Being enrolled at Kyoto University of the Arts.

2015: Starting career as a photographer by participating in Review Santa Fe's portfolio review in New Mexico, USA.

2015: "Tokyo Attribute" is featured by Mt, Rokko International Photo festival.

2015: Group exhibition in Paris, France "Tokyo Attribute". Joining La Quatrième Image.

2016: Solo exhibition of "Tokyo Attribute" in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Exhibition is hosted by Nikon's juna21 project for photographer.

2016: Group exhibition in New Orleans, USA. "Tokyo Attribute" Joining PHOTO NOLA.

2016: Selected as a member of "Tokyo-ga" photographer.

2020: Group exhibition in Tokyo. "Tokyo Attribute" Joining Tokyo Curiosity as a member of "Tokyo-ga" photographer.

2023: Starting career as a NFT creator. First collection "Ukiyo-e Portrait" is dropped on OpenSea.

La Quatrième Image
Tokyo Curiosity photobook


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